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"The preservation of health is easier than the cure of disease"

- BJ Palmer


Dr. Kyle Ward

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Dr. Kyle Ward is from Wadsworth, IL just north of Chicago. He received his BA in Kinesiology from Loras College in Dubuque, Iowa. While attending Loras, Kyle was a Track and Field athlete focusing on short sprints. Each season seemed to bring with it a number of challenging injuries, which hindered his ability to realize his full potential. Finally, during his senior year he visited a local chiropractor who specialized in athletic performance. Mere months after his initial treatment, he managed to break the school record, for the 60-meter dash, and qualified for the NCAA Division III National tournament.  This amazing sequence of events, combined with a fascination for how therapeutic intervention can positively impact the nervous system, inspired him to pursue a career in the Chiropractic field by attending Palmer College of Chiropractic in Port Orange, FL.


Kyle has a strong desire to alleviate the suffering associated with physical pain or discomfort, while also incredibly passionate about improving sports performance, especially through the mitigation of injuries while competing. His experience ranges from developing, high school athletes, striving to successfully compete at the next level, all the way up to established, professional athletes, earning medals on the World Stage.  Each patient has his/her own unique needs and Kyle dedicates time to understand these needs before prescribing and executing a course of treatment.  Even if you are not competing for gold medals on the weekend, Kyle will find a way to improve essential body mechanics to both reduce current discomfort, as well as the risk of future injuries at home or in the workplace.

Dr. Sarah Ward

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Dr. Sarah Ward was born and raised in Central Florida. She has always had a strong love for animals, specifically horses and she began her competitive Equestrian career at a young age. After falling off her horse and injuring her rib cage, she began seeing a Chiropractor to help reduce her discomfort and better her form on her horse. Immediately she was impressed by the results and became hooked on Chiropractic. After a few short visits, and at the age of 14, she made the decision to pursue a profession where she could also improve the lives of others, as a Chiropractor. 


After graduating high school, Sarah went to The University of Central Florida and received her BA in Exercise Science. Upon graduating, she moved to Port Orange, FL to attend Palmer College of Chiropractic. While absorbing her course material and perfecting her techniques, she found herself gravitating towards treating moms, kids, geriatrics and families. As a result, she has developed comprehensive experience treating infants all the way up to patients reaching 98 years of age. 


Sarah is passionate about serving families in the St. Petersburg community. Her mission is to clearly demonstrate the value of Chiropractic care for every member of your family. Each adjustment is delivered with compassion and care.  In doing so, she intends to help create and maintain a well-adjusted community, just as if you were part of her family. She has a love for Chiropractic care and a passionate aspiration to impact as many people as possible with the power of Chiropractic treatment.  She has experienced the power of quality treatment firsthand and plans to share her unique application of this treatment with the citizens of St. Petersburg.


At The Body Shop, Our goal is to establish complete physiological balance via our 3-stage system. 

The goal of this stage is to increase the strength of a nerve's impulse so it is readily able to fire. Firing up the motor nerve and causing it to fire at a steady rate will allow for a more effective adjustment. We do this by the addition of heat, which has been proven to decrease muscle tension through increased nerve conduction.


Also known as the chiropractic adjustment. Misalignments cause immobilization of the vertebra. In the absence of motion, degenerative changes begin to form in the spine. However, reestablishing joint motion drastically reduces these effects.

Chronic musculoskeletal pain is perpetuated by biomechanical disfunction and faulty movement patterns. At The Body Shop we assess movement patterns and pinpoint pain generators. We begin by identifying which muscles are overly firing and those are released via manual therapy and stretching. Then the muscles which are determined to be weak are strengthened to create a strong foundation which is not easily broken.

Visiting this office weekly after car accident in 2021. According to my neurosurgeon, this is what kept me moving and function without surgery (yet). Always great sessions, doctors are listening to your concerns and referring to outstanding professionals in the area. Highly recommend!

Alex H.

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